Monday, August 2, 2010

State of the Trip

Hey guys. I figured I'd chime in with some extra info beyond what's available on the sidebar over there.

First and foremost, the easiest place to get information when you're AFK is on our Twitter. Just follow it if you have a cell phone and you'll get a text every time we update it. Yes, Twitter is faggy as shit, but at least it makes sharing information easy.

If you're at your computer, the best place to get info is on the Google Docs page, found here: If you can't get the doc to work, I update the Pastebin a few times a session, so check it too: Otherwise, getting us on the Steam group is always a great option.

We've each contacted a few charter companies to see what the best price we can get is. Right now, the only quote we've gotten is for Route Redneckia: $20,788. This is for a 58-seater, and this can and most likely will change with time.

Anyway, try to keep the threads on topic and spread information; the more folks going, the cheaper it is on everyone.



  1. I have an idea... where do I contact the person in charge?


  3. Do trains rent out entire cars? By train would probably be the best way to go (that would solve the lodging problem), but it'd be pretty shitty if we were all split up.

  4. We were looking up trains in the Steam Chat, and there's a train that leaves from Chicago and goes straight to Seattle, the Empire 7. This is the train that pretty much everyone on the Eastern side of the U.S. would have to take to get to Seattle. If we can get 20 people on this Chicago train we'd get a big group discount. It's a 47 hour trip so a car to ourselves would be ideal.